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Cantilever racks are easy to install and reconfigure in order to store long, bulky, and over-sized loads like timber, pipes, trusses and plywood. At All Storage Solution, we have light, medium and heavy duty racking solutions for large, long or irregular shape loads.

Our Racking are designed and manufactured by the biggest professional manufacturer to be long-lasting and suitable for most warehouse, workshop, industrial and commercial usage. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, our cantilever racking is remarkably adaptable to take on the challenge of any storage situation.

Our cantilever racking upright posts are made with 3 mm thickness, 9 cm deep and with enhancement plate and strong pins which meet Australian Standard and ensure they can securely hold up to 4000 kg !

Cantilever racking can be assembled in many different formations, most commonly up against a wall for single-sided racking, or they can be placed back to back for double-sided racking. The space between the uprights can be adjusted to fit into corner, crook or cranny in your warehouse to make the most of all available space.

Download: Cantilever Racking Installation Manual